How to have pure, silky soft, healthy, toned skin in just one short month at any age! You can do this by simply using plain water!
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The Baiden Mitten : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: If Baiden uses no chemicals and no enzymes, then how does it exfoliate?
Answer: The Baiden mitten is produced in specialized machines that shape the thread to exfoliate the skin gently and safely. The texture of Baiden is fine and it resembles the human skin. The mitten picks up impurities from the surface of the skin and forms them into little rolls that can be easily rinsed off. That is why after using Baiden, the skin reflects the light and has a healthy look afterwards.

Q: Can anybody use the Baiden Mitten?

Answer: Anybody that needs exfoliation especially after 30's can use the Baiden Mitten. However if you have excessively hairy skin type as some man do, it might be harder for the mitten to grasp the dead skin cells. Excessive hair will make the skin slippery, thus it will prevent exfoliation.

If you have oily skin or using natural oils as lotions for moisturizing, you may have hard time to roll off the residue since the oil makes the skin slippery. You may need to soap and rinse off first before the exfoliation.

The mitten usually works and creates amazing results. We support our product with an excellent customer service. However we realize that every one of us has different needs, and skin types. That is why we give 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee just in case if you do not like it for some reason you can return it for the full amount. You will know after couple of use if the Baiden Mitten is for you or not.

Q: Does the Baiden Mitten roll the skin off?

Answer: No, not really. The fragments you see coming off are the impurities, meaning the accumulated residue in the pores and on your skin. As we age our skin loses its capacity to get rid of unnecessary residue. Accumulated residue of dead skin cells and toxins damage healthy skin cells causing aging, dry skin, age spots, and an overall dull look. The Baiden Mitten helps to regularly remove the impurities and keep your skin healthy and youthful.

If you have perfect, silky soft skin, then no fragments will come off when you exfoliate using the Baiden Mitten. The Baiden Mitten only cleans away the residue and does not hurt healthy skin cells. However, your skin will be still benefit from the invigorating massage. Because of the massage, you will have fresh-looking, radiant skin right after your bath or shower.

Q: I don't have dry skin. If I use the Baiden mitten, will I see impurities roll off?
Answer: Yes. All skin has multiple layers. As new cells form, they push the older cells to the surface where they slowly die. As we age, this buildup becomes more noticeable because our skin loses its ability to exfoliate itself as efficiently as when we were children. The Baiden mitten will gently lift the accumulated pollutants that need to be discarded. You will see them roll away in tiny bundles.

Q: After the first application of the mitten, does Baiden create any difference in my complexion?
Answer: Yes. You will notice an immediate difference both visually and sensually. Your skin will feel tighter, and you will sense even the slightest breeze. You will also notice when you touch your skin, how silky and smooth it is. However, the longer the period you use Baiden, the more healing and regeneration you will experience. When change is gradual, it is harder to notice from month to month. If you want to objectively analyze the difference, take a close-up photo of your skin (for instance your elbow, your heel, or part of your arm or leg). Keep the picture to compare the before and after difference at a later date. [If you have amazing before and after photos that you would like to send us, and if we decide to use them on the website, we will award you a free Baiden Magical Mitten.]

Q: How often should I use Baiden?
Answer: The best practice is to exfoliate with Baiden weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You may want to adjust the schedule, depending on your individual skin sensitivity and regeneration rate. However, never exfoliate more than once weekly.

Q: What should I do if the impurities don't roll off?
Baiden guarantees exfoliation of unnecessary accumulated impurities as you see on the video clips here. Unless you've just exfoliated recently or you have baby soft skin, you should see the impurities roll off. There are several things that you may not be doing correctly. 

  • Make sure the skin is not slippery. Wash off naturally oily skin as well as applied cream, oil, soap, or lotion before you soak to use Baiden. Excessive water on your skin can also prevent the mitten from grasping the impurities.  Your skin should be damp but there should not too much water dripping. The same is valid with the mitten. You should squeeze the water, there should be no drops coming anymore.
  • Apply enough pressure while you are rubbing the mitten up and down with long strokes.
  • Do not use a towel to dry off before your exfoliation. Skin should be damp so the impurities can roll together.
  • Soak long enough and in water that is hot enough to cause you to perspire. Allow the bathroom to steam up; it will keep your skin moist while you exfoliate.
If nothing works please feel free to call us at 800-556-9863 for a free consultation. We take pride of our customer service.  Of course you always have the option to return the mitten any time within 60 days

Q: Can I use Baiden on my face?
Answer: Baiden can be used to exfoliate your face. However , use caution for sensitive areas like around the eyes. It may be helpful to practice using the mitten on the rest of your body before attempting to exfoliate your face. That way you will know how it works and how much pressure to apply on your own skin.

Q: How do I care for the Baiden Mitten?
Answer: Hand wash the Baiden mitten with soap, rinse it well, and let it air dry after each use.

Q: How much pressure should I apply?
Answer: Apply enough pressure to see results, but never so much that your skin feels uncomfortable. That will vary for each person.

Q: Can I use Baiden to exfoliate my heels?
Answer: Baiden works very well on the whole foot and ankle. Rough, scratchy feet become smooth. You  can put more pressure on the rough areas of your skin such as your heels.

Q: Is there any difference between the Baiden Mitten and Loofah?
Answer: There are big differences. Loofah can feel harsh on your skin and be clumsy to use. By comparison, the texture of the Baiden Mitten is softer and more flexible, like your own skin. Baiden fits easily over your hand like a wash cloth and will match the contours of your body, including your face. Unlike loofah, Baiden lets you see the waste being exfoliated as you glide the mitten gently over your skin.

Q: Can I have my kids use Baiden?
Answer: Yes. I started using Baiden when I was a teenager. Younger kids enjoy the Baiden Magical Mitten as well. However, it is good practice to supervise children; don't let them over-scrub or try to exfoliate cuts, scrapes, or recent sunburns. Also, children will not need to use Baiden as often as adults.

Q: Can I use the Baiden Mitten if I got a sunburn?
Answer: Never use the mitten when your sunburn is still active and sensitive. You can use it after the skin completely heals -when the area is no longer red or hot, no longer sensitive to the touch, and the blisters are burst and dry.

Q: It feels so good to see the impurities come off my skin. Can I use the mitten everyday?
Answer: Absolutely not. Baiden is very effective so be sure to follow the instructions on the package. Over-use can cause you to irritate the skin. With regular use of Baiden, your skin will get so healthy and pure that it will tell you when it wants to shed the useless covering so it can breathe more freely. A good practice is to use Baiden weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Q: Does the Baiden Mitten keep the skin eternally young?
Answer: Your blood is the most healing and nourishing medicine for your skin. Since the Baiden Mitten massages and nourishes your skin with your own blood as it exfoliates, it will surely help your skin to stay its best. There is nothing that exfoliates and massages your skin as effectively as Baiden does. Since the Baiden mitten has been re-invented and perfected for centuries, it has the perfect consistency to massage and nourish your skin during exfoliation.Made of soft, natural wood fibers by machines used only to produce Baiden, the mitten's texture resembles human skin and works in harmony with your skin. However, health goes beyond the surface of the skin. Baiden works deeper than creams and lotions, but muscle tone and proper nutrition also play an important role in healthy, beautiful skin.

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How to have pure, silky soft, healthy, toned skin in just one short month at any age! You can do this by simply using plain water!