How To Have Silky Soft, Healthy, Youthful Skin
In Just One Short Month: You Can Do This By Simply Using Plain Water!

Want to see step by step demonstration of a safe, ancient ritual that you can use at home to Have BRAND NEW SKIN?

From: Alexandra Winnard
January 30 8:33 a.m.

Are you tired of age spots, dryness, enlarged pores, sagging cheeks, deepening wrinkles? Have you lost yourself in thousands of skin products and given up your hope of having beautiful, silky soft, radiant skin?
You are not alone!

Do you have crusty, flaky, dry skin? Do you use tons of lotion, and your skin still feels dry and itchy? Ever notice that when you look in the mirror, your age spots are getting bigger and darker, and your wrinkles seem to be deepening?

A Simple, Proven Ancient Solution

If you're looking for an easy to use, natural home remedy that will quickly eliminate your skin problems in the privacy of your own home -- then this is for you.

Well, Let Me Ask You This…

Wouldn’t it be nice to rejuvenate your skin by using a  proven method that works so well you can completely avoid the toxic ingredients in other skin care products? What if it was a process that you can actually see working as it removes toxins and residue from your pores?  What if your skin became so finely resurfaced and healthy that you do not even need to use foundation no matter how old you are?

Let’s face It!

We All Want to Look Our Best. Even if you do not have any skin problems yet, wouldn't you like to learn of a method that keeps your skin young as long as you live? The truth is that we live in a visual oriented society. That's just the way it is.

Perfect looking celebrities and super models set the bar for the rest of us. So why not look the very best that you can? There's no need to live with dull, old looking skin when you can rejuvenate it easily!

Maybe You've Tried Some of The Following Methods and Failed:

The latest creams or serums that cost a fortune and you see no improvement.
Painful and expensive cosmetic surgery that left you with a permanent scar only to have your problem return?
Harsh chemical peels you bought online. Some of these are expensive and can do some serious damage to your skin.
Laser procedures that didn’t work or burned your skin.

Thousands of people go through expensive and painful laser peels, endure microdermabrasion sessions, suffer through the recovery period that can sometimes take weeks or months only to have their previous skin conditions return. You may have spent countless dollars on the latest creams, lotions, or serums only to find they didn't work. The truth is that if you do not heal the skin tissue, the skin conditions will return and you will still see your wrinkles, big pores, and loose skin. You can stop wasting your hard earned money right now.

There Is A Safe, Natural Home Remedy

Now you can use a very effective natural home remedy to remove the old dead skin cells permanently using only plain water.  You can roll them off and reveal your beautiful, healthy skin beneath.

The method is completely safe and easy to use. I once was like you. I would have to leave work early over a period of months to visit my dermatologist for midrodermabrasion or laser peel sessions to rejuvenate  my skin. I had many days of down time because my skin was burned, and I had to wait for it to heal. My skin just reversed to its old condition. I tried nearly every new cream or lotion with little or no results. I was sick of it all and started researching alternative methods.

I wanted an affordable method that I could use myself, at home. It had to be completely safe, work quickly and be fairly inexpensive. I finally found the ancient, proven method that really works! You do not have to go through the trial and error process that I went through. This method  literally wipes off dead, dull skin cells and residue and everything that does not belong on your skin anymore. You can actually see the rolls of dead skin cells and wash them away forever  and have healthy, glowing skin.

Please take a moment to watch the amazing short video clip below to see how it actually works.

Here are some pictures that show the Baiden Mitten at work:
Baiden Mitten Exfoliation Skin Rejuvenation
This picture has been taken right after the first rolls started forming. You can see how youthful and bright the skin is on the exfoliated section of the skin. Imagine this is happening over your entire body and your face... It is absolutely amazing to experience how great a difference it makes! Isn't it fascinating that you can accomplish this using only plain WATER? People are burning their skin with lasers,  putting chemicals that may be harmful to their health, and are paying thousands of dollars to do this.
Here are pictures of the dead skin that will appear after the exfoliation.
Exfoliation with the Baiden Mitten     Baiden Mitten Exfoliated Leg Front View

Baiden Mitten Leg Exfoliation Back View                 Baiden Mitten - Legs after Exfoliation
This picture shows just a small portion of what you will see on your bath tub after your skin rejuvenation session:
Baiden Mitten Exfoliated Dead Skin Rolls

"When I first saw the exfoliation video clips on the internet before I bought the Baiden Mitten, it seemed gross! I thought my skin would not do that. I was sceptical but I was just curious and bought one. When I used it the first time, it was truly unbelievable the amount of dead stuff came off! Phew! I felt so much lighter and my skin was silky soft and glowing! It was literally younger looking! I look back and think of how naive I was when I was buying bottles of serums and other stuff that claimed to rejuvenate my skin. I was paying hundreds of dollars to rejuvenate my face. Now I am able to do my face and my entire body! I cannot see a better way of doing this. In fact, this is the only way to do it. Thank you so much! Thank you, Thank you!"
-Barbara N.

Having radiant, smooth, youthful skin after my fifties is beyond words. My self confidence has soared and I actually like looking at myself in the mirror now, and you will too!

Here are the steps of this short, simple ancient skin rejuvenation process:

  • Soak in a tub of plain, hot water for 10 to 15 minutes to loosen the impurities in the pores or on the skin. Showering is also acceptable as long as the water has sufficient time to loosen the impurities on the surface skin.
  • You get out of the hot water.
  • You rinse the mitten in the hot water and wring it out very tightly. 
  • You firmly press the Mitten against your skin and rub up and down applying some pressure.
  • Volia! Watch the dead, dull cells and other impurities painlessly  roll off in fragments from your skin.  When you are finished exfoliating, rinse the toxic fragments away forever!
How would you like complete strangers to notice your baby soft skin and ask what your secret is? People notice. I get told I have nice skin all the time. I just smile and say thanks.

How would you like to get rid of those dull skin patches forever?

Get rid of unsightly dry skin flakes once and for all and never have to worry about them returning.

Feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror and boost your self confidence to an all new level.

No longer have to take time off of work in order to keep your doctor's appointment for your skin.

Never again feel obligated to keep up with the latest skin treatments. Your skin can look perfect naturally.

If you are single and have avoided dating in the past because of your skin problems, don't wait a minute longer; you can have that beautiful, smooth skin you desire.

The whole exfoliation process takes less than 15 minutes, and you will feel lighter, exhilarated afterwards!

This ancient, natural process uses an exclusive skin aid called the Baiden Mitten.  The mitten makes rough, dull skin silky soft and radiant; it cleans and diminishes pores; it fades away the dark spots; it tones and resurfaces your whole skin. And you can actually see all of these results starts happening right after the first application. That is why it is called the Baiden Magical Mitten. The longer you use it, the better results you will get.

Introducing - An Ancient Natural Skin Rejuvenation Aid : The Baiden Mitten

The Baiden Mitten is a simple, natural tree fiber mitten. It is safe because it does not have any chemical or complex ingredients. It is just made of natural tiny fibers. However, these tiny fibers are deliberately processed and shaped in a way that they specifically pick up and remove any residue in the pores and dead cells on the surface of the skin without harming the healthy cells.
The Baiden Magical Mitten

The Baiden Mitten is:
A proven safe and effective method that can be used in the privacy of your own Home - Have silky soft, perfect skin in 30 days or less!
A very effective alternative remedy to expensive cosmetic surgeries and laser treatments.

Now you can use this simple mitten to:
clean up and reduce unsightly black pores and remove your skin imperfections permanently with no side effects.
get rid of the crusty dull cell accumulation forever.
get that glowing, healthy looking skin you are looking for.

The Baiden Mitten is reusable. You can use it again and again for over 100 facial  and body exfoliation sessions.  You will be able to use the Baiden Mitten in the coming week, as soon as it lands in your mailbox and get quick results right after the first use. You will see it working!

You can save hundreds of dollars,  you would otherwise spend on different skin  creams, serums, procedures, lotions, or spa treatments. You can save yourself the trouble of going through all these treatments. You can get quick, dramatic results.

   Live Exfoliation on the TV Show

How much do you think a product like this may be worth? If not thousands, possibly hundreds of dollars? Would you believe that you can have over 100 exceptional facial and body exfoliation treatments up to 2 years for as little as $48.97!

Why should you order the Baiden Mitten? How is the Baiden Mitten different from other skin products on the market?

Proof that Baiden Works: The Baiden Mitten has stood the test of time -- through centuries in fact. You can actually see it working!

Baiden Provides Dramatic Results:
The Baiden Mitten results in younger, healthier skin, regardless of age or skin condition. Skin is noticeably softer, and pores are dramatically reduced.

Baiden is All Natural:
The Baiden Mitten is all natural, made of tiny tree fibers deliberately shaped to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. There are no chemicals, no enzymes, no drugs, and no toxic ingredients whatsoever.

Baiden Easy to Use:
The Baiden Mitten is super simple to use. Just soak in your bath or take a long shower; then rub your skin with the Baiden Mitten. Voila! You can actually see the residue falling off!

Baiden is Convenient:
The Baiden Mitten can be used in the privacy of your own home and travels well. Just add water!

Baiden is Fast and Simple:
The Baiden Mitten gets results within 30 minutes! There is no need for high-tech formulas or visits to a skin care specialist. It's just a simple mitten made from natural tree fibers that fits over your hand and allow you to transform your skin.
Baiden is Easy to Maintain: Wash with plain soap, rinse well, air dry. The Baiden Mitten is ready to use again.

Baiden is Healthy:
The Baiden Mitten helps healthy skin cells breathe freely by lifting away surface debris and extracting impurities from the pores.

Baiden Tones, Tightens and Re-Surfaces Skin:
The Baiden Mitten aids in helping to close pores and lighten dark spots. It resurfaces the skin by removing the residue and bringing the new cells to the surface.

Baiden is Safe:
The Baiden Mitten is perfectly safe. There will never be an infection, scarring or other damage to your skin as long as the simple instructions are followed.

Baiden is Affordable:
The Baiden Mitten is reusable. Use it over and over again to exfoliate and rejuvenate skin for up to two years. In fact, the longer you use it, the better it works, since the natural texture adjusts specifically to your skin. 

Baiden is Guaranteed:
The product is 100% fully refundable for 60 days. We are so sure you will love your Baiden Mitten that the shipping and handling are absolutely FREE! If it does not work for you, or you don't like it for any reason, you can return it for your money back, guaranteed.

No more waiting.  You can reveal your inner beauty now!

There's nothing to lose but so much to gain with a great product that will keep renewing your skin by providing two full years of exfoliation and skin rejuvenation. It's easy to have great skin with the Baiden Mitten even if you are in the later years of life. Really. The most you have to risk is the cost of a postage stamp because you can return the mitten if you don't like it for any reason.

Not only you can feel younger but  and get your  skin looking younger


To understand how, we need to first understand how our skin works.

Our skin is made of 3 layers:

The Layers of Skin
1) EPIDERMIS is the top skin layer, and is made up of several layers of cells. The uppermost layer is made up of hardened, flattened, dead skin cells that form a dry, hard shell over our body. They stay on the surface only until newer, younger cells, that are formed deeper in the Epidermis, make their way to the surface. Then the old dead cells are shed, and the fresh ones take their place.Then they too wither and flake off. It takes roughly 5 weeks for the freshly produced cells to make their way to the surface. This process is very efficient in children and young teenagers, but as we grow older the cells lose the ability to retain the moisture efficiently in our skin. The horny uppermost layer gets thicker and much less flexible. Then wrinkles form and the skin loses it's texture, becoming dull and lifeless looking. Having a thicker dead skin layer also means that the skin becomes impenetrable to any creams and lotions that the cosmetic companies instruct us to “gently” spread over it. The best that you can expect from anything that has been applied this way to the skin is that it will keep the top, dry dead skin layer plastered to your skin by introducing the moisture to it. It might feel nice, but it probably compounds the problems of the aging skin instead of solving them.

Teenager skin Epidermis
Skin of  teenagers with a thin layer of dead skin cells shed regularly
50 year old skin epidermis
Skin of a 50 year old with thick, cracked, hard, impenetrable outer dead skin layer

2) DERMIS is the middle skin layer. Strong, thick and elastic, it consists of collagen and elastin tissue which also houses hair follicles and sweat glands. It is full of tiny little blood capillaries which help regulate body temperature, carry waste away from skin cells and deliver oxygen to the cells to be used in all the skin processes. Some of those capillaries are so tiny that single blood cells have to squeeze through them to perform their detoxing and oxygenating function. If this blood flow is not stimulated regularly, the blood flow becomes sluggish and the toxins accumulate in skin cells slowly poisoning them. If you are not doing enough physical activity to sweat at least 20 minutes a day, your skin cells are drowning in waste and are starved of oxygen for sure.

3) The Deepest layer of the skin is the HYPODERMIS, otherwise known as the subcutaneous layer. It consists of fatty deposits which act as extra fuel reserves, providing insulation as well as a cushioning effect. Mostly those fatty deposits perform a great service, but they are also responsible for cellulite.

Our skin is an amazing organ where every part works together to deliver optimal results. Yet nearly all cosmetics and beauty aids on the market work on only one area of our skin. You buy creams that moisturize only the outer layer, creams to help with cellulite (hypodermis), products to exfoliate the outer layer, and massage devices that concentrate on the deeper layers and do not address the problems of the epidermis.

So How Does It WORK?

When I used the Baiden Mitten the first time I could not believe my eyes! I was amazed with what I saw  coming off of my skin! You will see the same process on the video clip below. I was delighted to see my skin transform into younger skin right before my eyes in 30 minutes! 

 It is amazing how much you can accomplish with Plain Water!

How much dead residue rolled off my skin was unbelievable. And the results was literally younger looking skin in every way!

Why do most of the skin products in the market NOT work?

Because most skin products addresses the top, dead skin layer that is most often crusty and needs to be eliminated. The giant cosmetics industry tell you to spread their products gently on a layer of dead skin! What is dead won't revive! How can we expect deadened skin to look fresh, radiant? The products we apply on our skin may look good but dead, old, clinging skin cells won't look radiant and healthy no matter what fancy packaging says. Suprisingly don't we still expect another ingredient to make a big difference?  Almost everyday there is an announcement  of an other magic ingredient; spread it gently, waste your time and money. There is no end of it!

The Baiden Mitten is unlike any other product in the market. Why?

To repair most of the skin issues, we need a product that works  on all three layers of skin. The incredible texture of the Baiden Mitten allows it to work on all of the layers of the skin and beyond, thus solving a multitude of conditions:

1. First of all, the mitten works on the Epidermis to remove most of the uppermost dead, thick skin layer, exposing the living, breathing, hydrated cells that are hidden beneath.
This process alone diminishes wrinkles and prevents new ones from forming. It changes skin tone from dull and lifeless to fresh and glowing. Complete skin exfoliation is the first visible sign that you will notice when scrubbing with the Baiden Mitten. The dead skin will roll into thin (and not so thin) strips of dead skin on the surface of your skin, ready to be washed off. After exfoliation your skin will be glowing and soft, with a smooth, even texture. This process unblocks the pores and removes dead skin plugs from the hair follicles, thus preventing ingrown hair.
The cycle of forming new cells and pushing older cells to the surface to flake off is speeded up, resembling the rejuvenation we enjoyed as children. Because the dead skin cells are removed, any cosmetic that you apply to the skin might actually be able to have some effect. However, most people find that they need fewer cosmetics, not more.

2.While the effect on the Epidermis is immediate and very visible, Baiden Mitten's most important job is to provide stimulating massage to the Dermis Layer.  Dermis is rich in tiny little capillaries, some of which are so thin that red blood cells have trouble squeezing through. The vigorous massage warms the capillaries, allowing them to expand, and the massage pushes a large amount of red blood cells through the little blood vessels. Every red blood cell carries life giving oxygen and nutrients, which are delivered to starving skin cells. When those cells get a sudden boost, they get strong and healthy. With increased oxygen, they can fight skin infections such as pimpels. More nutrients mean improved ability for the cells to manufacture more collagen and elastin which keep the skin firm and elastic.

Red blood cells that have delivered their parcel of oxygen and nutrients to the cells then pick up waste material from the cells and carry it away into the bloodstream. The waste then gets processed by the liver and kidneys and eliminated. Thus, the deep massage provided by the Baiden Mitten allows the skin cells to detox. Imagine how much better the skin cells can perform their functions if they do not have to drown in waste.
Everything will improve: Your skin color, your skin's elasticity and resilience, it's ability to fight any infections, and even temperature control.

3. The detox effect on the cells in the Epidermis in turn affect the fat storing cells in the Hypodermis. Normally, if the waste cannot be removed from the cells, rather than hanging onto the toxins, your cells will hand it over to fat storing cells in the Hypodermis, which will neutralize the toxins by surrounding them with fat. They will be held in “storage” until the body will find resources to get rid of them. That will increase the amount of fat in your thighs and the amount of visable cellulite.
The vigorous massage that the Baiden Mitten performs on the skin will allow the cells of the Epidermis to detoxify. When those cells are clear of waste, they will in turn concentrate on taking up the toxins stored in the Hypodermis. Once released those toxins will start to be released into the blood stream to be eliminated. The fatty cells, which do not have the task of neutralizing toxins any more, will give up the fat as fuel and will shrink. They will never go away and are always ready to store more waste, but they temporarily deflate when there is no need for their services. If you continue using the Baiden Mitten, you will be detoxifying on a weekly or fortnightly basis, and your cellulite will be kept in check.

That is why many women report a decrease in the appearance of cellulite after using the Baiden Mitten for only few weeks. I mentioned earlier "beyond the skin" because the Baiden Mitten additionally massages the tiny muscles and tones them up. Healthy skin cells become tight and firm with fresh new collagen and elastin. This results in reduced thigh circumference and diminishes the appearance of cellulite. Baiden Mitten is the only product on the market which performs the DUAL FUNCTIONS of increasing the firmness of skin and detoxing.

What will the Baiden Mitten do for you?

The Baiden Mitten will:
Revitalize your skin .
Improve your skin's firmness and elasticity.
Remove dry, flaking, and scaly skin.
Stimulate collagen by working  on the deeper layer of the skin and encourage the healthier skin to rise to the surface.
Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by removing the accumulation of dead skin cells in the pores and on the surface.
Prevent blemishes and acne by opening the clogged pores.
Clear skin by removing the toxins and impurities from the pores.
Eliminate ingrown hair and razor bumps.
Fade age spots by removing the residue and renewing the skin.
Smoothe away small bumps on arms, thighs and buttocks.
Thicken your skin with the invigorating massage that increases the blood supply.
Moisturize your skin through the long term with the healing it provides to all the layers of skin tissue.
Increase cellular renewal and improve skin texture.
Enhance and prolong airbrush tan because of removed residue.
Revive tattoos and make them look fresh and new again.
Give your skin a healthy radiance by invigorating blood circulation.
Detoxify the body by keeping the skin cells healthy and breathing.
Increase the topical absorption of healthy creams and oils.
Give you silky smooth skin that elevates your confidence.

Now you can get out the door and on your way with a gorgeous glow.  A Baiden Mitten lasts about two years; that means over 100 exceptional exfoliation treatments not only your face but your entire body.

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So, what is the secret of the Baiden Mitten?

The reason why the Baiden Mitten is so effective is because of the way the fibers have been woven together. To make this extraordinarily effective mitten not only do the fiber threads have to be a certain thickness, but there must be a certain number of threads per square centimeter. It does not work on the same principle as in Egyptian cotton where the more threads, the better. In the Baiden Mitten, if there were not enough threads, the mitten would be rough and would damage your skin. If there were too many threads, the mitten would simply glide over the skin and would not have much effect at all. The threads have to be of EXACT thickness and of EXACT number to be most effective so that the Baiden Mitten performs rejuvenating massage on all the layers of the skin.

Additionally, there are a number of knots made on each thread which help in getting a strong grip on the skin. There must be a certain amount of those knots on each fiber per square centimeter. Again, the number must be precise; otherwise the mitten would not be as effective. The knots are not applied randomly onto each fiber, but are appropriately spaced and arranged in a pattern over a number of neighboring threads.

Similar to squeezing the toothpaste tube from the bottom up, every little fat cell will be coaxed into releasing the toxins which it has been storing. The process of designing this knot sequence requires expertise in calibrating the machines which weave the fabric and the knowledge of working out the exact sequence and pattern of knots which will work at the optimum level. The downside is in extended production time, which makes the manufacturing process much slower and more expensive.

Here are some pictures that show how well the Baiden Mitten works:
Lips before Baiden Mitten
Lips After Using Baiden Mitten
Facial Skin Before After Baiden Mitten Pores Before After Baiden Mitten

I can provide you with more pictures showing significant change on the skin. You can also check out the blog pictures  that show how the Baiden tightens and heals the skin. You know from experience that pictures can be misleading at times. These pictures are hardly adequate to reflect the amazing transformation. The best way of knowing what the results are is to try the Baiden Mitten for yourself.


  You can get rid of every bit of dry skin on your body, with no more “dry bits” anywhere. Your skin can be so hydrated and even in texture all over your body that you can skip using moisturizers.
You can shrink most enlarged pores and eliminate blackheads. In fact, most of this you can achieve after using the Baiden Mitten for the very first time. Totally clean and diminished skin pores can be yours a few days from now.
 You can enjoy a clear complexion without any outbreaks and fewer discolorations. Pimples result from pores being clogged and infected.  (Warning: you must get your acne under control before using the Baiden Mitten. The Baiden Mitten can help prevent acne, fade away the scars but will not cure it completely).
 You can greatly diminish the appearance of scars and stretch marks. The stimulating massage that your skin gets from the Baiden Mitten results in skin being able to repair itself with ease.
 You can detox your whole body every week and increase healthy oxygenation of your blood. Skin is one of the organs in our body that eliminates waste. By keeping all the pores open, you let your body sweat through its entire surface, thus getting rid of toxins. Better blood flow is stimulated with vigorous massage resulting in greater oxygen absorption. You will feel healthy and alive.
 You can use the Baiden Mitten on your lips and even on your eyelids. Get back your full, luscious lips without injections and tighten skin on eyelids and the delicate area under the eye.
 You can replenish lost collagen and fill in wrinkles and folds. You will notice the change within a couple of weeks and see it continue to improve the longer you use the Baiden Mitten.
 You can strengthen the skin, allowing it to be far less sensitive to external factors. No more sunburns after spending a short time in the sun. No more dry and cracking skin when seasons change. No more hypersensitivity to wind and to changes in temperature.
 You can have lovely, vibrant skin that can turn heads even in later years of your life using this ancient skin rejuvenation ritual. It is easy to use, natural, chemical free and gives you immediate results.

The Baiden Mitten is an ancient secret will help you attain ever-renewing, youthful skin!

Order the Baiden Mitten Now

Kari says: "I tried everything on the market...There is nothing like the Baiden Mitten..."

"I have never, ever had similar results with anything, even professional microdermabrasion. The whole texture of my skin is changing, and it is already of better texture than 10 years ago. My legs are so smooth after just two uses (a week apart) of this amazing mitten. I can't stop touching my skin now; it feels like silk. To date, I have done body exfoliating four times with this mitten, and after each time the texture of my skin becomes finer and finer. I just want to see how far back in time my skin can go. It is so exciting! I am a spray tanning professional, and I have used the mitten with all forms of fake tanning. The result - the tan lasts lots longer and wears off evenly, even on the feet!"
- Boshena from Best Spray Tan Guide

Pao says: "...It makes me feel new, in whole new skin!"

"Love this product!! I have only had it less than a month and only wish I had gotten it sooner. It had a money back guarantee so how could I go wrong trying it? I'm definitely not returning though; it has been worth every penny! Also kudos to their customer service department! They have been super friendly, very nice and quick in returning all my emails. I don't find customer service like that anymore. You have a long life customer here for sure! Thank you Baiden Mitten!!"
- Melissa T.

Mary says: "The Baiden Mitten is so easy to use. For me that means everything..."

"Over a ladies brunch, a dear girlfriend mentioned she had just ordered the Baiden Mitten as it was recommended to her for smooth skin. Coincidentally I had just given up on my Whole Foods exfoliating sponge as it wasn't doing anything for me. I ordered the Baiden Mitten and was pleasantly shocked as to how amazing it really is. Like another posted, I wish I knew about this sooner. No need to spend money on those expensive scrubs like Fresh or even the Trader Joe's version as well as those expensive spa scrub downs. This works wonderfully while just soaking for ten minutes in the bath tub. My skin is silky smooth, and I see it working immediately. Truly an investment worth making as you will not only see the results, but also not have to spend money on additional products. Additionally, their customer service is unparalleled. Not only will they respond immediately, they take great pride in their product. A fan for life. Thank you indeed!!! "
- Anna C.

Melissa says: "...After I used the Baiden Mitten, it is like a brand new skin... I got a second chance..."

"I LOVE IT!!!!! I've owned my Baiden Mitten for one month now and have used it four times. I'm addicted to it and have to stop myself from using it more often! It feels so good, and I can clearly see the results. My skin was horrible: old, leathery, flaky and very wrinkled. I can now see newer, younger looking skin starting to come to the surface. It truly is amazing! Note: I've used all kinds of exfoliators and NONE WORK LIKE THIS! I'm sure I'll be using a Baiden for the rest of my life. Also, I am now using less cream, and my skin feels healthier and has a sheen to it that I lost years ago. I think it's worth every penny, and I'm hoping it does last two years or close to it. I'm very happy with this product that did something that no expensive creams or products could do. Note: I'm in my early 50s. I would recommend it to any woman who is experiencing old skin syndrome!"
- Fanchon B.

Julie says: "...I use self tanner...when you use self tanner application after using the Baiden Mitten, it gives you really even application, and the tan lasts twice as long..."

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Roll off old, dull skin cells and have silky soft, youthful skin!

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60 Day Money-Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee!

We are so confident that you are going to love the "Baiden Magical Mitten" that we're offering you a 100% unconditional, 60 day money back guarantee.

As unlikely as it is, if for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we'll refund your money, in full, no questions asked.

To be totally fair, we charge no postage worldwide.  If you do not like it for any reason, you have nothing to loose. 

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You owe yourself this simple, rejuvenating skin treatment! You deserve  radiant, healthy skin that will last a life time. 

You have absolutely nothing to lose, but you can gain silky soft, vibrant skin. This is your last chance for a full 60 day money back guarantee. Its 100% Risk FREE - Try it - If it doesn't work for you, we will refund every penny of your money.

Still Undecided? Think about this... If you were to get a laser treatment or a microdermabrasion session, just one session would cost you much more than $48.97. Plus you avoid the risk of possibly burning or damaging your skin.

You can try an ancient, proven, safe skin rejuvenation method that has been used for centuries.  Imagine how beautiful you will look when you remove all of the dead skin cells and other residue clinging onto the outer layer of your skin and restricting your healthy skin cells.  After one exfoliation you may look so good that you may not even need any make-up or foundation! You will accomplish this just by using plain water! Isn't that INCREDIBLE?

  Wishing you vibrant, youthful skin...

Alexandra Winnard

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How to have pure, silky soft, healthy, toned skin in just one short month at any age! You can do this by simply using plain water!